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Daddy, do you want to trade?

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

We were on a ride from Summerville to Columbia a few weekends ago and she was playing her Leapster and I was playing my DS. She asked to see what I was playing and saw that it was Lego Batman. She said that She “loved” batman and then asked if I wanted to trade games. Being that she is four, I could convince her to go back to her game but the time will come when she will want her own DS and more advanced games.

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We have created a monster.

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

She is in love with the leapster. Only one problem, she has not totally grasped the playing of the game. Often times while driving down the road while she plays we hear a frustrated grunt followed by “I can’t get up the chain, can you help me?” We reply with what she needs to do since we have shown her numerous times and she goes back to the game often times changing the game she is playing. I wonder sometimes if she is too young to understand the game play, but it is rated for her age group. Anyway, we will keep on letting her plug away at it till she either grasps it or we tell her to turn it off and give it back to us till she is ready.

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8-Bit in HD

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the items Thing 1 got for Christmas/Birthday was the Fisher Price Smart Cycle. If you have no idea what this is, it is an Exercycle that hooks up to the TV and plays cartridges that have learning games on them. She went to visit Grandma after Christmas and when she came back we put it together for her. We hooked it up to the TV and turned it on and were amazed at the glow that came from the screen. To say it was 8-bit might be giving it more credit than it deserves. That said, the child’s eyes lit up and she was off. First game she tried was the Dora Friendship Adventure. She jumped right in and in classic child gusto blew thru the menu and into a part of the game. The point of the first part she got into was to pedal the vehicle you chose around the path and collect three stars of a certain color and then it changes the color on you. She was having trouble keeping the bicycle on the road as she kept turning the steering wheel too far to the left and running into the side of the road. After a bit of coaching she finally grasped the basic premise of aiming the bike to get the stars just not the idea that the game told you what color to get. She wanted to be able to get the color she wanted to find. She then wanted to press buttons and ended up figuring out how to change the minigame. this became a game of “Bored now, let’s play a different game” in about 15 second intervals. We eventually tried the game that came with the cycle, Learning Adventure Extreme and that lasted about five minutes till she wanted to go back to the Dora game. Once we turned it off she still wanted to get on the Cycle and get her “exercise”. I am glad she likes it and look forward to trying to get her to focus more.
As for the Leapster she is beginning to figure out more of the controls and the way the games work. This is a fun process to see in motion. When she started it was just flashing thru the different screens in the system and never really settling on a game. Now she seems to be able to select a game and is working on the skills to actually play them instead of watching a cut scene and then asking someone to do it for her or changing the part she is on without playing.

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Happy New Year from the 8-Bit Dad

January 1, 2010 Leave a comment

NYE saw us playing LBP and Rock Band, before watching the ball drop on NYC. May 2010 bring us more digital fun.

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