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Merry Christmas late.

Christmas came and went with the annual explosion in our living room. Thing 1 received many new games and it should be fun to work on helping her to be able to work on her understanding of rules and structure of the games. She also got a Leapster 2 which was a good choice by Santa. She has only put it down long enough to sleep and eat. It has been fun to see her working on grasping the couple of games that are on it as well as Spongebob Saves the Day.

Thing 2 also received a few fun things to play with and true to baby form had much more fun in the wrapping paper. By far the winner has been this from Papa Claus and Thing 1. It has a lot of great sensory toys that he seems to enjoy.

As for us parents, we got some games too. And when thing 1 and thing 2 get a bit older they can play them too.

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